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Our proactive recruitment strategy is about developing talent networks, managing relationships, and adopting alternate search strategies.  This approach ensures we are in contact with the passive talent pool which makes almost 85% of the market.

We focus on your business objectives and culture, which enables us to identify and source the best talent for each position.

Purosearch is well positioned to offer the following services that will be tailored to your specific needs.

Purosearch Our Capabilities

Permanent Solution

With our personalised and forward-thinking approach, our specialist Permanent Recruitment solutions provide clients with rapid access to a proven pool of exceptional talent.

Working with you to attract and retain the best talent for your company, we secure dedicated, long-term team members, with our consultants specialising in sourcing the right skills and expertise from their niche professional networks, ensuring sustained growth and success.

Multi-Hire Solution

The Multi-hire service, also referred to as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) or Talent as a Service (TaaS), involves organisations outsourcing their talent acquisition process.

Every business faces unique challenges when it comes to hiring. A standardised approach often falls short in today’s diverse talent landscape.

If you need to rapidly onboard top talent across multiple areas, our Multi-Hire service provides an effective solution for achieving your growth goals.

We work closely with you, embedding ourselves as part of your team throughout the entire recruitment process. This collaborative partnership not only reduces costs but also streamlines operations, allowing you to allocate time and resources more efficiently across your business.

Our flexible and cost-effective subscription model ensures you can adjust your hiring strategy according to your evolving needs, always backed by a dedicated team of experts ready to assist.

Contract and Interim Solutions

We have the in-house capabilities to place Contractors and Interims into your organisation, offering flexible workforce solutions.

As a business, your needs are always changing. Boost the efficiency of your contractor workforce with our high-performing and dedicated contractor division.

Our teams have an extensive network of professionals, keeping you ahead in this dynamic environment and ensuring key projects are completed on time and within budget, regardless of market conditions.

Retained Executive Search

Making the correct senior-level hire at the appropriate time undoubtedly has a substantial impact on your organisation.

Our highly experienced leadership team possesses deep market knowledge and an extensive network, enabling us to identify top-tier executives with the skillsets necessary to drive your business forward.

With our extensive experience collaborating with senior-level leadership professionals, we consistently prioritise discretion in all our operations.


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